Monday, 2 June 2008

What are the odds?

Something of great excitement happened to me the other day. Before playing pool, one has to reach into shelf where the pool balls fall as they are pocketed, to pick them up to put them back on the table. In doing so, I pick up three balls with each hand. Without ever looking at the shelf, I pick up three red balls with my right hand, and three yellow balls with my left. I marvelled at the complete random nature of it, wondering what the odds of such an event would be. I then reached down again, and subsequently did exactly the same thing. It, quite bizarrely, lifted my mood. I don't really know why.


The Times changed today. They've gone all Guardian on me. Which, funnily enough, is the reason why I don't read the Guardian. However, I will get used to it, in time. The most amusing part is the number of responses to the changes on the website, the majority complaining about the positioning of the crossword. Ah, Tory voters, eh? If it doesn't affect them (i.e., the news regarding the most catastrophic of events happening worldwide), they don't care. But woe betide the foolish man who decided to move the crossword.

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