Friday, 31 July 2009

Today and Tomorrow

So, I go off to camp tomorrow, to impart wisdom to 60 8-11 year olds. This scares me, as I'm actually not prepared. And today is so ridiculously busy, I'm not sure I'll get any time to finish any prep. Might be a mad dashing about on camp, then... yes, yes, why not stress myself out further?

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Today has been incredible.

Rach came over, we went through her China photos, played card games, and she fell asleep.

This evening, I went out to my friends' house. They cooked an amazing braai, and four hours later, I'm still full. Such lovely company.

I've spent since 10 online, just talking to people, and enjoying company.

I love my friends. I really underappreciate them, but I have an amazing bunch of people around me who I have the good fortune to hear moan and bitch and still not get tired of.

Added to this, I have added a few photographs here. I enjoy my photography so much. I get immense pleasure from not even people's response to a beautiful photo. Just the photo itself can be enough. One of my favourites that I uploaded tonight was this:

Thursday, 23 July 2009

So, I received a friend request on Facebook this evening. All well and good, I go to check out who it is, excited that I could have another friend where it really counts. Oddly enough, I see my own name staring back at me with these words:

'Crazy, we have the same name and both schooled in theology!'

Not entirely sure if this is 'crazy' enough to justify adding someone I don't know, to never talk beyond a 'oh, wow, we have the same name,' type post on their wall, and then delete them in a few months time. However, what about about the Kelly Hildebrandts' and their situation, I hear you so fervently cry. Yes, well, neither of us are cute girls, so that's a no go from the start, isn't it?

It does, however, raise the question: what is crazy enough for me to think, 'hmm, our names are the same, and despite not knowing you, and only garnering a vague understanding of what you do through a profile that may or may not be entirely true, I want to become 'friends' with you, in the loosest sense of the term.'*

While pondering this age-old question that has bothered ethicists and other such people since the dawn of time/Facebook etiquette, and typing it out, I realised it was nothing to do with craziness. It was merely that they would have to be female for me even to consider it. And any female with the name David Marriott is just unfortunate, so it might even be out of pity.

*Not loosest in morals, you understand. In definition. Any other way would just be wrong. You lot disgust me.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A few things: I'm back, with a new keyboard, and few things to sort out.

But most importantly, my LST email has been quashed. As that well-known and loved wireless programme might suggest, the email address of time marches towards the network administrator of fate, and they remove the email address and all it represents over three years of studying at theological college, hard graft, fun times, and beautiful people with one click of the mouse... of fate.
Ah well, I suppose one has to move on eventually. A little stuck as to what to have as my home page now. Is having the intranet of a college you no longer go to as your homepage weird?

Hmm, thought so.

Friday, 17 July 2009

L|ast \blog.

In t\his \il\k, \anyw\ay.\ I \am \50\ \metres away from\ \\\\my\ Mac bei\ng\ fixed. I \\cherish this thought. |h, \backslashes, \I \\will m\iss you. \Sort \of.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Late night + blogging = errors of judgement

I've now editted the below post, in order to render the genuine expression of me actually wanting the job. To distract you, here is my favourite picture from the third years' recent trip to Wales. I call it Community.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

At Request

I have \been r\equested \to \blog. \This i\s \going t\o \be \tricky, \because \of \keyboard \issues. \A \lot o\f de\let\ing \will take pla\ce, \so \you c\an read \it more e\asily.


Today I had my induction. This was essentially an information overload, in order to forget it all, before I pick it up again in September. I'm not sure I really need to know where the candles are at this point in time, nor do I need to retain the information of which coloured fob is on which key that leads to which door. Write it down, and give it to me when I start working there.


I've been given some books to read prior to me starting. 'Hope For The Church: contemporary strategies for growth.' 'The Road To Growth: towards a thriving church'. 'The Healthy Churches' Handbook.' I'm sure they're good, and I'm sure there is a reason why the vicar has asked me to read them. I just can't fathom it yet. Anyone read them, and have any thoughts?


I'm writing this so I remember at a later date. Remind me to blog about McLaren's 'The Secret Message of Jesus.' Spoiler: it's pretty bad.


I want to have a secret blog that I write about next year and work and church and Anglicanism. However, I want to tell everyone about it. This is problematic. Also, I'm not sure what I can do with this. Do I still want a personal blog? Oh, all these damned questions.

What I do know, however, is that I'll probably go to Wordpress. It's so much cooler, and I have have pretty pictures, and everything. Perhaps.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I apo\logise \for \the \lack of \blogs, \but as \you can\ \see, my \computer \is n\ot \\\\\\quite \agreeing \with \me a\t \the \moment. \|So, \when \I \get \it \fixed, \which \is \p\erhap\s \today, I'll start writing \about \this \w\onderful \here \holiday \that |I'm \on\. \H|owever, \until \that \po\int, I've \p\retty \much g\iven u\p\ o\n \\writing. \Boo.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Teacher's comments

In clearing out my room, I found this beauty of a comment from my old English teacher on a page long essay:

'I feel that it would be encouraging your over-conciseness to this short a reply with a high mark, but inconveniently, you interpret correctly. Nevertheless, further analysis is needed.'