Thursday, 26 March 2009


My 100th post. I'm wondering what percentage of my posts actually contain something useful or entertaining. If someone has too much time on their hands...


Have been listening to The Bugle podcast, which is two crazy men talking of the goings on of the week, political and otherwise. I have found my spiritual podcast home. Only disappointed that I couldn't download all 74 episodes. If you're into such frolics, go check it out.


And finally, many hours are to be wasted here. Although, not too many, or you end up thinking humanity has failed in its entirety.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A wonderful, if slightly bizarre, story.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Why are females so loathe to turn off the lights of ladies toilets? Someone suggested that it's because they are reticent to go into a darkened room, even with the light switch next to the door. If this is the case, for the small minority of ladies reading this: please change this habit. It frustrates me. A lot.


When I said I got a job, what I actually meant is that they offered me it. I still haven't accepted. But, by this afternoon, I shall probably have done so. This, as they say, is where the poop hits the fast rotating metal blades. Which is just a messy analogy. I'm scared. Genuinely feeling a little fear creep into my gut. But I know, ultimately, God is in control.

Gah. Platitudes.


I heard rumours on the wind of the possibility of the IPL coming to England. I'm terribly, terribly excited if it does. Just think, moseying on down to Lords to watch the Knight Riders vs. the Royals. Don't know how much tickets will be, but I'm SO there.


A frustrating piece of news: just because she's married to a murdering, selfish, arrogant thug, it would seem that Grace Mugabe can get away with it as well. Ridiculous law. She needs to be punished, as anyone would be when they attack someone with a weapon. Utterly annoying.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

My weekend

In short - because I can't be much arsed to write out the whole thing - I went to Finchley, I saw Finchley, I got a job in Finchley. Very Anglican, should be very amusing. I SO look forward to blogging about it. May start up a new blog, perhaps, thatlayassistant? Who knows. Quite liturgical, and full of old people. So, a challenge, to say the least.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day 1 in the LST... umm, house?

I post mainly because I know that if I don't, that picture will remain at the top of my blog. And we just don't want that now, do we?


Was just flicking through the paper to see an article in T2 with the question: 'Is skiing safe?' Not only is it fairly inappropriate to ask the question so soon after Natasha Richardson's death, it's also a stupid question to ask. Paul and I, oh, how we laughed from our safe leather thrones about the fickleness and ridiculousness nature of the media. He then reminded me that, statistically, more people die in bed than anywhere else. Fact.


Also, I think I should work... but y'know... why do that to myself?

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I apologise for the inconvenience...

My profile picture has had to be changed, due to a errant second year, who has stolen my play-doh. One of the tasks was to take a picture in Watford trying on a wig, and post it on my blog. Here are the results....

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I have an exam

An exam! One of those things of dread and fear. But I shan't do either of those things, because it closes the synapses and doesn't allow my brain to work as well as it could. Or something.

It's very final. As in, it's my Finals. This mark will be a significant - somewhere between 5 and 10%, I can't do the maths - chunk of my degree mark. Which means my degree is almost over. Which is sad.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


How wonderful it is to write with them. They flow so beautifully. The scratch of pencil against paper, and having to turn it as you write so that you can get a better line out of it. So much fun.

Anyway, I was revising. Begone with you all.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I need to write.

I have been reading a lot about pastoring lately, as well as a considerable amount of thought about it. I so don't want to screw up. It's such a high calling. I'll be responsible for lives, for hearts, for souls. And I know me - so capable of irresponsibility, of falling flat on my face. And I don't want to do that.

Which, as someone pointed out, is probably the best place to be in.

There but for the grace of God, go I.


For the first time in my politically conscience life, I have experienced the problems in Northern Ireland. And what a horrible way to be introduced to it. And yet, what a shining example of forgiveness and non-retaliation - or at least what it could be. We are barely two days off the last murder, but I get the impression that a few ill-organised terrorists, however seemingly threatening, will not stay the process that has taken so long just to get to where they are. It is sad, no mistake, and we can but pray that the people of both sides of the argument condemn the violence and continue the political attempts for unity.


Someone has stolen my mirror. Why? Clever, but why?

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Graham would love it...

He believed it could be done. So he did it.


Wondering what the point is. I mean, to blogging. And to twittering. I have a handful of people who actual read this stuff. And I'm not an internet whore enough to sell myself. So why on earth am I doing it? I'm hardly even getting false acclaim and affirmation from it. Who knows?


Just started reading some stuff from The Onion. I wish I could write like that. To be permanently satirical and get paid for it. My favourite thus far is just the headline: The International Council Of Land Mines Has Warned All Africans To Stop Moving. Brilliant.


Four months away from graduating. Oh, crap.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mr Gomes

He's fulfilling everything I ever thought he would be. Only an academic would use the word 'stultify' when they couldn't think of the word 'stunt'. Amazing.

Monday, 2 March 2009

So much

I have just read three blogs of two dear friends and they are both communicating a lack of hope, and I have no idea how to change that. So terribly difficult to know how to be useful in such a situation.


Had my first lecture with Jules Gomes this afternoon, where over the next 10 weeks of college, we'll be looking at sexuality. Possibly the most excited I've been about lectures in a long while. Jules is actually a fantastic lecturer, and has a wonderful accent. Brought up in India, with a PhD from Cambridge, he's got better diction and enunciation than the majority of some of the English lecturers.

Oh, and speaking of lecturers, a discussion regarding LST Lecturer Top Trumps took place last night. Watch this space.


So, I have given up Facebook. (Which I was quite glad about, reading this. Although, you have to be a numpty to fall for such things.) However, someone pointed out the almost futile nature of giving up Facebook to pick up Twitter. I can't waste hours on Twitter, though. This all said, I still waste hours, and I don't feel I have sacrificed anything, created any time, found myself with nothing to do. I'm still run off my feet with job applications and a couple of essays. I desperately want to be on top of things, but I'm finding it terribly difficult to motivate myself. Mind you, I have no excuse, I'm just a lazy bum.

In a vaguely related point, I really want to keep up with Web 2.0, but don't want to be subject to it. Blogging and other such larks are wonderful, but I dislike the thought of needing to keep the world informed with me via such mediums, or dying for affirmation from perfect strangers. Which I worry it will become. Oh, for a happy medium.


In other news, this wonderful lady discovered this and posted it on her blog. Have fun.


Finally, I will post other, fun, less self-important things when I get over myself, and find things to write about.