Monday, 9 June 2008


Someone didn't think through the timing of my exams in proximity to Euro 2008. I feel it's largely unfair that I have to choose between John Calvin and the football. Because the poor reformer doesn't stand a chance, does he?


Thoughts on the tournament so far: less Ronaldo, please - he's good, just not that great. I decided, from the beginning of the Portugal-Turkey match, to count the number of times we had a close-up shot of Ronaldo. By the end of the game, we totalled 15; which was easily more than twice the next player. A minor point, and an irrelevant one, perhaps, but still annoying, nonetheless.


Can we just invade Zimbabwe? I'm really struggling to see the difference between the prospect of Iraq and Zimbabwe. It's all very well going round admonishing Mugabe, but the man is running a totalitarian regime, detaining his only political opponent and generally being a bit of a dictator. Is it just that the money we could get out of it isn't enough? No major oil fields that far south? Of course, we cannot go invading a country for not being democratic, but I'm not sure that boycotting cricket matches and telling him he's a very bad man is doing much.

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