Thursday, 12 June 2008

How time flies...

One exam away from the end of my second year. Quite ridiculous, really. I still feel somewhat like a fresher, and yet, I'm supposed to have some sort of idea what's going on when it comes to theology. I'm not convinced, myself.


Further to my previous comments on Zimbabwe, I have realised the invasion thing was quite rash. What I should have said, was 'let's invade after Mugabe rigs the election'. Having read today that 1) Tsvangarai was arrested for the third time this month, 2) the secretary-general of the opposition party is being brought to court with a charge of treason after speaking out against Mugabe, and 3) a regional wife was mutilated and burned by Mugabe's security forces, I am seriously under the impression that something needs to be done, and quick. However, the great grandfather of doing nothing, Thabo Mbeki has spoken of the 'concern' he has for the situation in Zimbabwe, but vetoed the plan by the States and ourselves to bring the political instability to the UN table, desiring that the problem is sorted out instead by the 'Southern African Development Community'. Which, without sounding too cynical, isn't happening. Someone better do something sharpish, or we'll end up with a man with an honourary knighthood killing lots of people, and we just wouldn't want that on the Windsor CV, now, would we?

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