Saturday, 12 July 2008

What I didn't want to do...

...was be the type of blogger who failed to blog regularly. And considering this is my first post in the month of July, I feel like I may have let you down. Whoever you may be. And we probably should lay aside the fact that I haven't had internet connection for the past 10 days. But aside from that, hypothetical reader, I have let you down.


A truly disturbing discovery. I can't type with Scrubs on. I had to wait until the end of the episode for me to be able to start writing this post. I feel slightly disappointed at my brain for being the lack of dual-tasking, let alone multi-tasking. Although, I'm holding high hopes for Sigur Ros being the band that falls outside this viscious circle. New album = awesome.


I have made a decision regarding my future. (Trying reading that in a happy voice, and don't think 'doom-laden.' I had good intentions, really...). I have decided to live in halls next year. There are a few reasons, but I think it would be a better experience for me, all-round. And slightly cheaper, which rarely hurts the decision making process...


Finally, a brief mention of my time spent in the Borders with Tash and Giz. It was fantastic, and amazingly enjoyable. We didn't really do much, but what we did, we had fun. Well, I did. If you are that way inclined, check out the photos I'm slowly putting up on my deviantart. (Just click my profile picture. Technology, eh?)

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Moonstruck said...

I'm glad the decision's been finalised - I had the impression that you were still a little unsure, but it makes sense to live in halls as it's so much simpler. Although make sure you don't get chubby when you neglect your dear bike.

Glad you had a good time in the Borders, they probably hated it though.

...I had an amazing time. You're incredible, yadda yadda.