Monday, 14 July 2008


Has brought with it a spate of buying, mainly due to the fact I have realised I have money. So today, I bought three Sigur Ros albums, War And Peace, and the Bibliophile's Dictionary.

The Sigur Ros albums are just for generally being amazed. War And Peace is again, an attempt to further my horizons, and read some books I wouldn't normally, and the Bibliophile's Dictionary is for Dave, a birthday present which was due in May. My other purchases hopefully will include a digital SLR, a new pair of football boots, and perhaps an iMac. But that may be a little over the top. We shall see.


Ooo, discuss: Is utilising BBC iPlayer when I don't have a TV, and thus don't pay a license fee, immoral?

And when I say 'discuss', I mean... uh, well, only one person will actually reply. But nevermind. I can make believe.


Tim Goodall. said...

I don't think it is. Surely they know the risk that people will watch things without actually having a TV license? Plus, on a quick scan of the Terms and Conditions the BBC don't seem to mention anything about a license being a prerequisite to viewing programmes on iPlayer.

David said...

No, I do believe a license is required to watch things being broadbast live, whereas streaming afterwards is OK. However, the principle is that other people's money has gone towards creating television shows I am watching.

By the by, I'm not bothered. Just thought it might interesting.