Monday, 6 October 2008


So, here we are. College is about to kick in, in earnest, and I have solely myself to blame if it all goes wrong. I am looking forward to this year, to getting into the rhythm of lectures and library and work and rest. But I know, as a third year, I've got to motivate myself. I can't be sitting around hoping good things might happen; I've got to go and do it. Not my forte, but I'm still hopeful. Living in college is so much more productive than living out. The library will be my second home, and I have no qualms about working over socialising. Yet.

I do, however, need to get a good balance of all the things I'm working on. I need to look at project material soon, but I'm currently reading up on my lectures. I don't want my project to go on the back burner for too long, or I will fall too far behind. All these things, all these infuriating little things - burdens, frustrations and concerns - they plague me, but I hope in doing so, they spur me onto higher and greater.

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