Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Just experienced a Deeper meeting that was a brilliant expression - for me - of community. I was sat at the back, and at one point stopped singing, just so I could hear everyone else. As I watched and listened I thought about specific individuals, and how we relate together as a community. We can be horribly superficial, we can be mundane, we can be crude and silly, but when it comes to the crux of the matter, we all love Jesus. I know some Christians would be fairly unimpressed with the way we act sometimes, but underneath the superficial, the mundane, the crude and the silly, we'd lay our lives on the line for someone who laid his life on the line for us. When college feels like everything is going wrong; we don't fit in; we're self-conscience about everything, I really hope we remember why we're here, and what it is that brings us together.

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