Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Facebook Etiquette...

I wanted to post this yesterday, but didn't want to get too carried away with the blog posts, and then run out of things to say. I was obviously feeling very verbose.

So, Facebook etiquette, eh? A fresher has added me. I do not have a problem with this at all. In fact, I welcome the opportunity to get to know them a little better. However, what's the deal with adding friends? I mean, should I add freshers because they're freshers, or wait until I get to hang out with them, adding them one by one as the socialising dictates? Harking back to when I was a fresher, adding second or third years seemed like I was punching well above my weight, and I got quite excited when one of them had the good grace to add me. But now, I feel the freshers might be offended if a third year they have barely talked to added them on Facebook. I'm thoroughly confused, and don't really know how one goes about this whole process.

So, I vote that someone writes a book of Facebook etiquette - write it all down and sort this mess out once and for all. It'd be so much easier. Then I wouldn't even have to talk to people...

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Jonathan Marriott said...

And what about those, who just joined FB (like me) and have several years of catching up to do. How many links of connection do you reach out to - yes, you were in my Primary school class 16 years ago - add. Ah, this person was in my year at Secondary school with me, but not actually in any of my classes and we never really talked, in fact they picked on me but I'm feeling nostalgic - add?

And whatabout tagging other peoples photos? You see yourself and tag you - can you tag other poeple you recognise but who the poster has obviously forgotten about - e.g. a class photo from 1993. Is it public record you can amend or private property that's on display like in a museum.

And (everything theological has to have three points remember) what about joining in a discussion/comment trail that's two years old - the last comment was 2007 but you have something to add - let it go or join the party late?

Such are the deliberations of a 4 day old Facebooker.