Thursday, 11 September 2008


Again, a piece on home. I am home. For two weeks. And then I depart to live in Northwood at college. Although, from my viewpoint, that doesn't feel as much of a departure as say, going on holiday, or something of the like. In fact, only in writing this, has the impending nature of college really struck me. What do I feel? A little apprehensive, but mostly excited. I shall be leaving this bedroom for ten weeks at a time... I begin the slow, grasping, slightly painful and weepy process of Properly Moving Out. I suppose this links to my previous post, but I'm suddenly more aware of the world - like someone has turned the focus, and the world beyond myself and the next year looms large.

As NFG once wisely said:

'Why would anybody want to the leave the safety of their homes?'

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