Friday, 12 September 2008

African Goings On

Mugabe and Tsvangarai have agreed to share power. I am not sure how this will work out in practice, as they oppose each other on so many issues. I also wonder who compromised. Is Mugabe softening, or has Tsvangarai lessened his democratic aims by 'power-sharing'? The deal means that Mugabe remains president, and has control of the armed forces, while Tsvangarai becomes prime minister, in charge of the police force. I seriously hope, for the health of the nation, these two major forces do not cross paths, and they are used to the correct ends.


Jacob Zuma has been cleared of any fraudulent misconduct, allowing him the right to become President. As previously mentioned on this blog, no South African I have spoken to (although it must be noted that they are mostly caucasian middle class South Africans) has a positive opinion of Mr Zuma. His comments regarding HIV/Aids a few years ago show a distinct lack of common sense. In the last three years, he has been accused in three separate court cases, all three collapsing for various reasons. I am not a South African, but I do have various ties with the country. If I were to have a vote, I am sure I would not want this man in charge. He does not fill me with confidence, nor seem to show the ability to lead a country such as South Africa, a country hanging in the balance between the West, and Africa - so delicate a culture that a man with a large clunking fist and a lack of forethought could ruin the good work of the past.

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