Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Those dem rules

I played football this evening. A highly enjoyable occasion, if it were not for the losing part of it. Afterwards, I was shaking hands with all their players, and, as is my wont, thanking them for the game. One of them called me a gentleman. I felt suitably pleased, as one would.

We lost, one would argue, due to an unfortunate ignorance of the rules. Two teams had just played, prior to our match, and as we walked on, the goalkeeper and one of the players that had just played joined the team we were about to play. Now, stranger things have happened, but were it not for these two players, we would have stood a very good chance of winning the game. Our goalkeeper has decided to take it up with the management of Goals, to see if we can get the result turned in our favour, as the rules state that no player can play for two teams within the same division in one season.

Now, normally, I think we would have let it slide, but for some reason, Matt has decided to take up the case. Got me to thinking about rules, and the principle behind the rules. Should such rules be strictly adhered to? And should we, as Christians, be gracious enough to accept defeat even when the rules have been broken? Something within me strives against the being so particular about the rules, and just letting it slide, or perhaps I am just not principled enough.

Who knows? Considering no-one but me is reading this currently, I'm not sure they care, either.

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