Tuesday, 27 May 2008

From humble beginnings

I have just spent the larger part of three hours reading through Simon Wiesenthal's 'The Sunflower'. In it, he relates his time as a Jew in Poland, but the emphasis is placed upon the conundrum he once faced, when asked by a dying SS man for absolution for the horrific acts he had taken part in. I am deeply moved, and asking all sort of questions of myself. Wiesenthal himself ends his tale with the somewhat chilling question:

You, who have just read this sad and tragic episode in my life, can mentally change places with me and ask yourself the crucial question, “What would I have done?”

For this, I cannot come up with an immediate response. But I now feel I have some basis for which my final project shall be written. An essay, a brief foray into the doctrine of forgiveness, in response to this book. Then, I hope, shall I be able to answer this question better. I refuse to answer until I end these ten thousand words. Should you choose to read this while I'm writing my final project; I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: If they don't like this, and my project idea goes to pot, I apologise. Y'know... just in case.

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