Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Wrong Buttons

This was genuinely thought up somewhere between sleeping and waking this morning. How my mind thought that giant foam hands were a good punchline at that hour of the morning I've no idea.


In some more serious news, I didn't get into the finals of the Christian New Media Awards. I wasn't expecting to, considering the majority of my output has been drawings of stick people of late.

But this, I think, is the catalyst for change. Change that will probably mean the end of That Theology Student. However, do not despair! I shan't leave you without my words of wisdom or inane crappery. There are some exciting new blog plans afoot, so keep your eyes peeled.

Or, just, y'know, watch out for when I next post something. No need for peeling eyes, I guess.


Christian Young. said...

You didn't get through? Real shame as your cartoons have given me a few belly laughs. The world needs funny Christians like you to keep us grounded.

David said...

Ha, thanks. I suspect I wasn't Christian enough, though. Writing/drawing about all the inane things that happen to me are not exactly prime fodder for the Christian New Media Awards!

Thank you, though, I do appreciate it.