Monday, 2 August 2010

The Rubbish Evangelical

Some friends (some very wise friends, I must add) and I were recently discussing evangelicalism, and what makes us evangelical. A lot of people describe themselves as evangelical, yet don't seem to pay much heed to the basic tenets of evangelicalism. Is that just the Church being educationally poor, or us being plain ol' ignorant?

In the conversation, the thought struck me - do I really love the Bible? Am I really desperate to read it and share it? I'm not sure I am, but I'm even less sure I want to stay like this.

Oh, to fall in love over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Ha, Bebbington. Nice tag.

atypicalpastorswife said...

I just read today a Proverb and I began to think about the difference between paying attention to God's Word and heeding it. A lot of professing Christians know what God's Word says, but they have not heeded it in that they actually do what it says. I call this Plastic Christianity--a term I thought I coined, but alas, I did not! It's good to see someone young thinking along these lines--it gives me hope!

David said...

Scott - for all those academics out there searching for the great man, I thought I would spice up their day.

atypicalpastorswife - thanks so much for dropping by, and commenting! I really appreciate it. In some ways my comment was one step back from your remark - I wonder how many professing Evangelicals actually READ the Word. But you're right, we're pretty naff at reading, heeding & doing!