Monday, 8 December 2008

Please don't forget my name; I've got a lot to lose

What a numpty. Me, I mean. I so easily allow myself to wallow in petty little problems. I discovered today that I hadn't been invited to something I dearly would have loved to go to. When hearing about it, I duly got offended by my non-invitation. Why? What right do I have to be upset by it? I really want to mope and get sympathy, but I'm not entirely sure it's my place to. The most bizarre thing about it is that I may have had to say no anyway, due to other plans.

Why is the grass always greener?


Moonstruck said...

It's not difficult to see why you would be upset about this. If I weren't trying to be a better person then i'd get angry and say it was selfish and inconsiderate of them not to include you. What they did was hurtful - anyone would be upset by it. Yes, it seems pointless to get in a twitch about something that you wouldn't have been able to attend anyway, but as always it's the thought that counts, and that is what they seem to have been severely lacking in.

Aaron said...

Shall I tell you why you weren't invited? Well, let's see! Because even if the plans are made 10 months beforehand, you still manage to occupy yourself on the day! And let's not forget about yesterday.