Monday, 11 August 2008

Er, what?

A brief quote from Alasdair MacIntyre:

'The bifurcation of the contemporary social world into a realm of the organizational in which ends are taken to be given and are not available for rational scrutiny and a realm of the personal in which judgement and debate about values are central factors, but in which no rational social resolution of issues is available, finds its internalization, its inner representation in the relation of the individual self to the roles and characters of social life'.

Yes, my friends - what?! Even with the context, I'm still bemused. No sentence should be that long, surely?!


In other news; I have arrived back from camp. I am still recovering. It was a positive experience on the whole, but I am my worst judge, and probably therefore the worst person to talk to about it. However, the leaders I was spending time with were amazing, and I have to give a lot of thanks to God, for the confidence I had and the reception that I got from the kids. If it weren't for Him, I'm not sure that was possible.


Returned home to find Russia and Georgia at war. I reckon this is going to be over very soon, with either a ceasef fire/truce, or Georgia being annhilated. I sincerely hope it's the first.

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