Friday, 4 September 2009


I apologise for the lack of updates. It's slightly tough when the normal process is come online, open up blogger, and just splurge. This falls down, of course, because having no internet at home, the times I can justifiably do this are times when other matters press. Such as, doing the work I'm paid for.

So now I sit at home in Hillingdon, having stalked off back here for a few hours, thinking back over the last few days. The notable moments are being called 'the new bod' by the vicar, - any guesses to how and where he was educated?! - meeting the most middle class of residential societies, where they discussed the necessity of a constitution for their society, as well as the weed-killing properties of bicarbonate of soda and the limescale removing advantages of white vinegar, and finally, meeting an elderly blind lady last night.

I have to say, of all the people I have met thus far, Margaret was my favourite. Not only was she welcoming and very engaging, you also got the sense that underneath the calm, friendly, jovial exterior, she was also the most astonishing woman. In face of significant adversity - for as well as blindness, she is also extremely diabetic, to the point that the doctors assumed she wouldn't live beyond her 20s - she has overcome, worked as a well-loved and respected medical secretary, and still gives the glory to God. It was an incredibly humbling experience for this woman who has 'seen' it all, as she would put it, to be excited about my arrival and the possibilities surrounding it. Margaret is also a house group leader, despite all the above, and being almost 75. She was simply a joy to be with. I hope that over this next year I get to spend more time with Margaret. She's one of those people that exudes the joy of life, as well as the love of Jesus.

I hope I'm one of those people, in years to come.

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