Tuesday, 1 September 2009


So, I sit in my room, for probably not the last time, but most certainly one of the most significant. I'm soon to pack up the car and trundle along the A40, grab some breakfast with mother at Ikea, then head round the North Circular to my new home, Finchley, N3.

There is not much else I can say. I am tired, excited, apprehensive and intrigued. But, as some very wise people have taught me, feelings are notoriously unreliable. Not to say they do not matter, but that in the grand scheme of God's word, and his calling upon my life, I think they can take second place.

So, I will soon finish writing, publish this post, close my laptop lid, and start packing. It's a whole new thing. Please pray for me.


Elizabeth said...
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Scott Miles said...

mmmmmmmm. David.