Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Nothing Special

I briefly met up with Dave while in London, and struggled a great deal not to tell him these things. Sometimes I wonder if I should just forget the theology or Christian element of this blog and go for 'some things that amused me'.


I was on the Tube earlier, going into London, and there were two ladies standing in front of me. One of them was reading a novel, a fairly large tome, in Spanish. Perhaps a native or Spain, or even a Latino. Irrespective, she was reading a large book. In Spanish. On the Tube.

The second lady took her book out of her bag with a bit of a flourish, and a proceeded to read it with a great sense of importance and occasion. The title?

'Five Get Into Trouble'.


Yesterday, after morning prayers, I was singing the chorus to Facedown, by Matt Redman. For those of you unaware of the song, the words are 'And I'll fall face down, as your glory shines around.'

I then tripped up.

You couldn't write this stuff.


DT said...

I thought you were holding out on me, now I know! Only kidding bro.

I suspect that if you only wrote things that amused you; you'd very quickly find all sorts of deep and spiritual things to write about, thus probably best to not limit yourself! Either way I enjoy as it were.

Scott Miles said...

I'm going to go all linguistic: 'Special' is a relative term, with something special being of importance to an individual, or a group.

It's a wonderful thing that you say it is nothing special, but it becomes special because I have used time from my finite life to read it, making it special to me.

I've had too much Melnais balzams. ignore me.

fromthesamesky said...


David said...

Dave; you're right. Spirituality and humour should always go hand in hand.

Scott; I shall never ignore you. And I'm glad you took time out to read it. Do I see you Thursday?

Rachel; Thank you!

Swandive said...

Pillock <3