Saturday, 19 September 2009

So, funny things...

Last night, I was walking home past the park, and overheard a snippet of a clearly stoned conversation that tickled me:

'Hitler, man, like, he was the biggest killer of white people, like, in history. People chat about his white supremacist thing, but he was actually the biggest killer of white people, like, ever. It's just, like, hypocritical'.

In retrospect, knowing what we know about Hitler, I'm not sure that hypocrisy was his biggest fault.


I managed to get two Spinal Tap references into conversation last night around the dinner table. I'm pretty happy with that. I was hoping to crowbar one into my thank you speech, but it was unnecessary.


The Bishop of London's opening address was fun. He used words that I don't know, which was wonderfully unnecessary, and verbose. (That's to you). However, in his opening prayer, he thanked God for the opportunity for food, friendship, and conviviality of the evening. That scored highly in my book.


And finally, from the sublime to the ridiculous: I have to spend my day today, cutting out bits of paper, sticking them to a larger bit of paper. I also have to fold lots of bits of paper.

I think it would be true to say God knows how to keep me humble. Not that I was feeling particularly proud of myself, but keeping me in check probably isn't a bad thing.


Maria T said...

If it's any consolation it was a really close thing in your category... you did amazingly to get in the top 5 out of all those that entered around the country!

Your blog is good!
God bless

David said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate you seeking me out and commenting. Thank you for the consolation.

Maria T said...

I am serious. It was a close shave - I saw the scores!! Sometimes when we have great potential the Enemy tries to discourages us & make us believe untruths. May you find affirmation in Christ and know the great inspiration & insight He has given you, & what a blessing it is to so many.

You must've heard the stories of those with knock backs: The Beatles went to try get a recording contract but were told they were rubbish & wouldn't get anywhere - they refused to listen & became an international success; William Churchill the old British Prime Minister was told at school that he wouldn't amount to anything. Did he let that knock back put him down or raise him up? Romans 8:28 shows us that Gpd turns all situations to good for those who love Him.

This turning into a blog post of my own. The other day I looked at your site & was reminded of that guy Nick with no limbs (I'd heard of him before) - directly as a result of seeing that on your page I led a meeting sharing about not grumbling but making the most of tough situations. After that meeting several ppl came to say it spoke to them. Your blog was the trigger... Don't underestimate the power of your blog for God!

Sermon over! Ha ha. I hope last night wasnt all miserable for you! God bless

David said...

Haha - thanks Maria. Seriously, that is a great encouragement to me. You're very kind to share it.