Sunday, 6 September 2009


So, almost four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. Were this in my previous life - as I think I will take to calling pre-church work days - I would be lounging about, not dissimilarly to now, perhaps thinking as to how I get to church this evening, wondering why Sunday afternoons are so short, contemplating the fact that church used to be at half 6, before moving earlier for us young whippersnappers and never changed back. All these little idiosyncrasies that I know and love and repeat in my brain far too often, they're all gone. Well, not gone. But unnecessary.


This morning, I was commissioned. An older lady asked me, during the question and answer session that we had, whether I was hoping that my younger face would attract more young people to the church. I was a little stumped. Not that I hadn't considered it, but that I don't really consider it my forte to attract younger people, let alone to work with them. But am I perhaps a product of my culture that says youth workers work with youth? That says vicars work with older people? That says mothers and old ladies work with children?

Perhaps I just need to be the best Jesus to these people that I can be - whether old, young, or somewhere in between. If I do that, I hope that the right people will be attracted to this here establishment. And not because of the establishment, either, but because it points to God. If we do that, I reckon we're heading down the right path.