Friday, 18 September 2009

The Christian Blog Awards

Now, I'm painfully aware of how careful I have to be in writing this, as all sorts of people could now read this. This dulls the sense of being able to write what the heck I want.

However, the night went thus: upon arrival, we realised we were incredibly underdressed. That is, we weren't dressed up enough, not that Dave and I turned up in slinky little revealing numbers. Although, that may have enlivened proceedings. Anyway, sat down next to Mr. & Mrs. Church Mouse - who, by the way, are absolutely lovely people - and Mr. Adrian Warnock - a passionate and interesting character.

We were served food, which was lovely, if a little weird. I was impressed that the Christians managed to avoid quiche, and all other stereotypes. Also we had free alcohol, which never hurts.

And to the awards. Various people, none of whom were on our table - with the honourable exception of The Church Mouse - won an award. I lost out to the guy who won last year, the guy who hasn't written much on his blog, and the 14 year old Catholic girl. Out of the four nominations, I was not mentioned. Which, urgh, I don't know... it was just plain gutting, really. I like to think I'm a good loser, but tonight has made me think to the contrary. The moment I didn't win anything, I wanted to go home. As my darling friend Miriam put it: 'it's like someone comes along and get your hopes up with out you asking for it, and then lets you down' And this award ceremony, with the very purpose of encouraging people to blog, let me down because it did exactly the opposite.

Which, I must hasten to add, is stupid. I blog for my own enjoyment. I blog because I enjoy writing. I love prose. I can do things with words. I can convey thoughts and feelings. I enjoy the turn of phrase, the language that I can play with. I didn't even start out to write for anyone else, aside from to keep people updated on my dissertation. So, in slightly unorthodox style, screw you, Christian Blog Awards. Not because what you do is a bad thing, nor because I lost, but because you made me question why I blog.

And I blog for myself, and hopefully to give glory to God. And if I entertain other people in the process, and perhaps encourage them, great.

I perhaps feel I have typed too much, without saying enough. Sorry if I've been incoherent. But then again, I don't really care about you. Because I enjoyed writing that.


Elizabeth said...
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GT0 said...

Don't ever question why you write. You inspire and are thought provoking. And sweetie I love you to bits. A letter is in the post xx

Betty McGorgeous said...

David, your passion for writing is what makes your blog fantastic, and no matter what awards you may or may not get, your writing has a fluid way about it which many many writers try to achieve and that- you smarmy git-seems to come so naturally. i applaud not the fact you could have won an award, but the elegancy of your writing.

and just so you can guess who this is from... i miss u like a small kid misses the toilet.

David said...

Thank you all. I do appreciate it.

fromthesamesky said...

I'm glad you blog for yourself and can be so candid. :)

What is a 'christian blog' anyway? How can a blog be christian? Surely it is the writer that is a christian (and we can't speak for the rest because we don't always get it right). Random Rob Bell influenced comment there, sorry! :)

David said...

No, a good question. I found it frustrating that clearly last night the emphasis was on using blog to reach people and to encourage the Christian community. No, I just happen to be a Christian, and I just happen to have a blog. I didn't deserve to win, to be honest. I just do this for a laugh.

The Church Mouse said...


It was great to meet you last night. I think your blog is great, and I really hope you continue with it.


David said...

Thanks, Mouse. Appreciate it.