Friday, 2 July 2010

While on the bus going through Golder's Green earlier, I saw a sign for 'Gentle Dental Care.' My mistake was to somehow misread this and presume it wasn't for the Chosen People: 'Gentile Dental Care'.


I'm currently preparing a sermon on Encouragement. I'm not getting very far, which, well, it's not very encouraging. Any ideas, crazy or otherwise welcomed.


Anonymous said...

A bit like going to the dentist really. You need some encouragement.

Riley said...

So, stolen from a friend's blog: "You may see something else because your brain has a different way of interpreting things. You may see something more abstract in this. You may bring in some symbolism. Your personal experiences may change your opinion/interpretation. But does that make this piece any less powerful? Any less beautiful? You come up to the same destination.
I realize my point may not be very clear. But what I want you to know (something you probably already know) is that different is good. Because that "different" is what works for you. That means you can take a completely different path, something no one would expect, and still reach your goal. Someone else may have the same goal, but their different opinions lead them to reach it a different way. But if you don't stick with your gut, you don't stick with your true self, you may never find your way to that goal. And if you do, it may not be as colorful as you expected. It wouldn't feel as right.
Everyone's dreams are like abstract paintings. You can't figure it out right away. And when you do, you don't figure it out the same way as your best friend. But in the end, when you learn to appreciate it you have that sense of accomplishment and pride instilled within you.

Your Challenge: Tell me what you see in this picture, maybe post another abstract picture that means a lot to you. But more importantly than either of those, take out a piece of paper and write down your goal/your dream. Then think about what it takes to reach that, but don't go into details and make it difficult. Just think about what you can do to reach your own goal. Think about what will make that goal even greater when you accomplish it because of the way you did so." Think about something like that. She included an abstract picture that was the basis of her point. Maybe that's not what you're asking for... but that's where I find the encouragement to do stuff like blog. "Gentle Dental care".... wonderful.