Sunday, 11 July 2010


Just watched the first two episodes of Rev. Take one small-town rural vicar, place him in a dying, urban Anglican church, and add a smattering of moral dilemmas and et voila, a rather good comedy. The lead character is played by Tom Hollander, who was quoted as saying:
"I emerged from this show with a great deal of respect for vicars. They put up with a lot and do really good work for people having a bad time."

Hollander added: "Clearly our ambition is not to fill churches - and nor would we stand any chance of doing that. But if Rev. makes people think, 'Maybe I'll poke my head inside the local church and see if something nice happens', that would be great."
Ambitious aims, although I don't think he realises it. I think I'll do a more detailed review of each episode (mainly to get to watch them again) in due time, just because it should be fun.

However, for now, I shall recommend the second episode to you, for it ends with some fantastic theology. The scenario unfolds that the church has been 'taken over' by a charismatic church who need a space while their premises are refurbished. One of the regulars of the dying church, Colin, gets friendly with one of the newcomers, Pip. During a service, he then pinches her posterior (this IS a comedy, after all) claiming 'Jesus told me to do it.' The charismatic vicar, Darren, is asking for Colin to be barred from the church, because Pip is a 'vital part of the congregation.' Adam responds:
"Colin isn't vital to anyone, Darren. Except God. And if God loves you, Darren, then he loves Colin, just as much.'
Tres enjoyable. Find it on iPlayer.


Oliiiiivia (Harriet's awesome friend) said...

Hmmm I haven't seen the episode, or any for that matter, but I don't like that a guy pinching someone's bum doesn't seem to be cause for concern for the vicar. Obviously the point is he shouldn't be barred because God loves everyone, including people who pinch other people's bums and they shouldn't be barred from worshipping him because of their actions, but by putting that funny line in, it makes the "charismatic" vicar seem even more ridiculous for suggesting the bum pincher should be punished.
So yeah, did Tom Hollander's vicar care about this person pinching Pip's bum or was it not an issue for him? Because that would make me sad. I hate it when people pinch my bum - it's degrading and mean. And one time I got slammed in the head by a door handle when running after someone who had pinched me. Sad times.

David said...

He did care. He told Colin off afterwards, told him that it was out of line to do that kind of thing.

I've never had my bum pinched, and I probably never will, but I can imagine it is pretty rude.

oooliiivia said...

Good, good.
Maybe I'll watch it.