Monday, 26 July 2010

Marriage, rubbish films, and so forth

There's an interesting debate going on over here. Sam's a friend of mine whose, er, forthright views sometimes cause a stir. This time he's talking about marriage, and I would have to say I agree with him. Go and get stuck in.


I was 'forced' to watch a film called Hot Tub Time Machine. I say 'forced' because there was a get out clause of 'if you think it's s**t, we'll watch something else.' However, when you watch a film that's basically drivel, there's always a part of you that really, really hopes that it will pick up.

It didn't.

The basic premise: three long lost friends, thrown together because of one of them apparently tries to commit suicide, take a trip to the town famed in their youth for a wild time. They get in the hot tub of their hotel suite and are transported back to 1986. They then have to relive their lives in 1986 in order to get back to now.

Theoretically, a good idea, if a little kitsch and far-fetched. However, this is basically an opportunity for old men to kiss young women, people to get beaten up, and to play some pretty horrific music.

There were about two laugh-worthy lines and a whole lot of drivel.

Not one I'd recommend.