Tuesday, 30 June 2009

My Graduation Testimony

No, this is not me SIMPLY being egotistic, as some people have asked to see it. However, it is MOSTLY egotistic, 'cause I enjoyed myself.


(I have been asked to say a few words regarding how LST has formed me. It seems, unfortunately, that word has got around that I actually like the place).

What is LST? What makes up the London School of Theology?

To start, it is a small collection of aging buildings on the edge of London, some more aging than others. It is a world-known institution, having some of the best lecturers in the business, (if theology paid anything). But above all that, it's a community of people that live, breath, sleep, eat, worry, love, and with the express permission of our esteemed Principal, kiss.

I asked someone what I was like when I came here, fresh-faced, naive, and just out of school. They told me I was an odd mix of confidence and insecurity: being willing to shout my mouth off about numerous issues, but not actually having anything to back it up. Now, the cynical among us may giggle behind their hands and perhaps suggest that I have just described perfectly an LST graduate.

But I would want to disagree with that. LST has taught me the highest academic standard, training me how to think critically, how to shout my mouth off, and most importantly, how to footnote that shouting in a way that is academically appropriate.

Not only has it taught me academically, but spiritually as well. Many different elements of what LST teaches come together to help form and fill its students, to prepare them for life after LST in the best way possible.

But how is this all done? It's not through the slightly aging set of buildings we have. It's not through the syllabus, although that is an element of it.

It is through this community that I have learnt. Where's my theology at eight in the morning and they've run out Coco Pops? Where's my theology when someone puts in a crunching tackle on the football pitch? Where's my theology when I graduate and I have to deal with real people, God forbid?

And therein lies the answer. LST has taught me to take the theology we learn, and make it work in the real world. And for that, to LST, I'm truly thankful.


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Elizabeth said...
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thesamesky said...

Fabulous, just fabulous. Loved once again the humour, and indeed the underlying point ... great writing (and speaking!)