Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My Day

I was writing a post about the entirety of my day. It got boring. But I shall bring out the main points:

- I got a 2:1.
- I struggle when I find friends are in new relationships. Knowing that I shan't see much of either of them, and that I shall have to work extra hard at the friendships is difficult.
- I'm not very social after sport. Both football and athletics leave me drained and wanting time alone, which never seems to help.
- I like taking photos.
- I like spending time with people that just allow me to be. These precious people are few and far between, and I cherish them dearly.
- I am astounded, wiped out, and incredibly blessed by my Lord and Saviour. Deeper this evening was incredible, and I wonder to myself why I don't make effort like that normally. Silly me.
- I want to make all my friends happy, and I regularly fail at doing that, and this makes me sad. To any of you that are reading this, know that you are being thought of.

Apologies for the fact that every sentence starts with 'I'. This is bad. Sometime, I will write on things that are interesting.


GT0 said...

Love you sweetie. Thinking of you. Miss you

Swandive said...

It's your blog, as you once said to me about mine. Personally, I'd much rather read about you than anything else, in your blog. Not that your other points aren't interesting or worthwhile.