Saturday, 6 June 2009

Done. Fin. Owned.

I have finished my degree. I have not another word to write for it.


I shall send you in this direction. Although, a disclaimer; it won't be funny or enjoyable if you don't care for football.


Yesterday, having finished the last exam of my academic career, I was considerably tired and wiped out, having run on adrenaline for the last however many weeks. I had to play the drums at a half-night of praise and prayer, which meant carting myself into Uxbridge on inept buses that don't run when they should, and turning up at the church for a sound check at 5.

Being tired and out of it, my drumming probably wasn't fantastic, and during the practice I must have looked worse for wear as Carol, one of the wisest people I know, asked how I was. I responded saying that I really couldn't be bothered. She looked at me for a moment, and then said the sentence that got me through the night, and shall remain with me for a long time, I hope:

'Remember, He's still worth it.'


GT0 said...

Its true, He is still worth it. And by the way, your drumming was fantastic.

philgroom said...

Have never experienced your drumming but have noticed your football. I thought about bringing football into my BNP post today, under 'British jobs for British people' — if the BNP got into power, would they get rid of all out international players? Wonder where that would leave British football? Would we have a team fit to play at world-class level?

philgroom said...

Drat: typo! That should be "all our..." of course, not "all out..." — must learn to proof read before I hit publish. *sigh*