Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Just read this from Rob Bell, a man on whom I am quite undecided:

'I also happen to live in 2009, in a Western hyper-churched, over-churched culture, where the flag and the cross have held hands in such a way that you have a waning Christendom at the heart of the empire.'

Over-churched? The West? I assume, Mr. Bell, you are talking of America, because I'm not sure that's the case anywhere else in 'the West'. Although, it does bring up an interesting point about church and state - I'm not entirely sure they're compatible. Not in today's culture anyway. The state demands too much for the church to comply with, and yet we seem to hold onto those vestiges of power we have left, and like a middle aged man wearing leg warmers, we are desperately hoping that we might come back into fashion one day,

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