Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I gave my NI number, bank account details, and signature to my new employers. Have I just been suckered by a well-worked con, or have I been watching too much Hustle?


Got sent a letter by my doctor's the other day regarding my need to take a chlamydia test. Now, initially, having read the first paragraph, I laughed it off, having no need to take a test. I read to the end of the letter, half-distracted by the pointlessness of the letter being sent to me. And then I saw it: a 'reward' of a £10 HMV voucher for a chlamydia test. Let's re-iterate that: £10 of free stuff at HMV for a jar of my urine. My waste fluids. £10. Awesome.

[The rest of this post is deleted due to my inability to be funny without being judgmental. Apologies.]


If you have a chance/good enough internet connection, check out Charlie Brooker's Newswipe. It's an amusing, but very serious indictment on the news. Some of it's rude, but you don't expect much more from Brooker. Enjoy.


Swandive said...

I feel the need to add that not everyone feels it's necessary to 'fight off the lustful urges', so it's not exactly an 'inability' on their behalf. Sexual activity is a choice for those with the ABILITY to think for themselves and decide upon what they personally believe to be moral. I can just see you riding your high horse throughout this entire post and it pisses me off on several levels. The entire holier-than-thou attitude is far from attractive.

David said...

I'm sorry that's the way I came across. Wasn't the intention at all. I mostly did that for humorous effect. Sorry it wasn't obvious.

Swandive said...

Could have been if you'd not taken it as far as "sexual depravity". It's obvious your intention was humorous however your attitude glares through gloriously. And oh how I bow down to your apparent self-control and ability to 'keep yourself in your pants'...