Friday, 3 April 2009


Further the discovery of the brutal behaviour that Penguins bring about in English people, Dan has pointed out that it is in fact impossible to describe a Twirl without referencing a Flake. Our entire frame of references relies on the person you are describing it to having experienced one or the other. What a conundrum. It's a self-defeating paradox. We're stuck in a never-ending spiral of ambiguity and ignorance, doomed to live out our days in such a terrible vacuum of knowledge.

I bet Cadbury's never thought of that when they created them...


Scott said...

'Twirls' are like the intimate folds of the inner mitochondrial membrane, all held within the outer mitochondrial membrane.

Flakes are like the Gogli apparatus, which lacks an outer membrane.

Unfortunately you then need the even smaller group who have the frame of reference of owning a transmission electron microscope.

Elizabeth said...
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