Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I was going...

To write things about the new term. The impending graduation. My project. My friends. Laughable and sad things in the news. Charlie Brooker's Newswipe, of which the most recent contained an excellent short film about how the news is presented, and the rise of 'ohdearism'. Other theological thoughts, seeing as I hadn't done it in a while.

And yet, I'm not going to, because I've lost the belief that I'm interesting. Which is sad, but probably good in the long run. I have this scary feeling that the internet is turning me into an automaton convinced that my view is important, and my sense of worth is directly correlated to comments/replies/any self-involved affirmation I can get.



Scott said...

I want to comment, but it will simply confirm your ranting.

oh crap,I did it anyway.

(Although, I get your random thoughts in straight from the horses mouth).

Kat said...

The internet is silly.
I find you interesting.

and like to see you in the real world.

Elizabeth said...
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Swandive said...

Blogger is the first thing I log into when I usually turn on my computer, and I always search for new posts by you before bothering with anyone else's. So I shan't gratify your unnecessary low self-esteem within this post, nor discourage the self-deprecation (that I'm still astounded can be a regular part of someone quite as astounding as you are) with any of the numerous compliments I could shower you with, though I will leave you with the simple fact that your blog is the first and last thing I look at, and hope that this in itself says enough.
You are interesting, my love.

RH said...

Don't be silly.
You are very interesting.
That's why I still talk to you. *grins*