Tuesday, 7 April 2009

It wasn't this big previously. I didn't think it was, anyway. How annoying. Serve me right for messing.


Sorted. Not as think as you stupid I am.


Rachel said...


David said...

I was faffing with the layout of my blog, but it wasn't how it originally was.

I just want to have a cool blog, like yours.

Rachel said...

Oh! Thanks! What were you trying to do with yours?

David said...

Something more interesting than having one of the more boring, less original templates.

Rachel said...

Oh right. Well what sort of thing do you fancy doing to it then. It's not too hard to play around with the html (and if you don't want to do that Blogger have introduced lots of ways of playing with the layout).

For example my header is just a picture I took and uploaded to Flickr, then added into the tempate (originally) but now you can just click on 'edit header' in the layout view. You have to sort sizes and stuff but it is possible.