Thursday, 6 January 2011


Not only is that the title of a great 2005 punk-pop album from the now sadly disbanded Last Tuesday, but it's also the new thing what I am doing this year about blogging.

I just want to thank those poor blessed souls who have kept on checking my blog in the hope I might throw out some kind of profound tidbit, like some hopeful ducks waiting for a piece of bread from the lady who used to come to the park every day but has now moved into a hospice due to her fall and cannot get down to the park to feed aforementioned birds with aforementioned baked goods, unless her nephew takes her, but he lives the other side of town and has a Very Important Job At The Council, so can only get over every few weeks.

Anyway, I sort of saw the word Resolve on my friend Peter's blog - him what is good with poetry and that - and it became the title of this little wordy diatribe. So, I resolve to actually do stuff on this blog, at least every other day.

I feel like I've just spewed verbosity onto a computer screen. Sorry.

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