Thursday, 6 January 2011

a new year

So, I realise I've been incredibly lax with my blogging of late. As kindly pointed out by my darling girlfriend, the date of my last post coincided with her return from university. Purely coincidental, I tell you.

Anyhow, a few things to cheer your soul.


I finished watching the BBC's Nativity last night, in floods of tears. Not only was the production and acting terrific, the portrayal of God stepping down as a man was astonishing. The risk involved: a small child; fragile and perfect. To quote the programme:

'Not only a bridge between heaven and earth. But God coming to earth, as a man.'

Quite astonishing.

However, it was slightly sullied by professional douchebag Stephen Green not being able to understand the idea of 'poetic licence' and 'dramatisation' which will often expand a story beyond the original text. I don't think anyone is claiming that this portrayal is gospel. It is 'merely' a great reminder that our God became a man, and lived among us.


Y'know those times where it's clearly inappropriate to make jokes? Funerals, Remembrance Day, Sundays (if some Christians are to be believed). Well, add 'Oxford University interviews' to that list.

A friend, planning to study Geography, was in a room with three interviewers at Hertford College, being asked a variety of questions. She was then asked to talk about the importance of Geography, or some such nonsense. She responded with a reply of which I think I would have been proud:

"Well," she said, "without Geography, you'd be nowhere."

She didn't get in.


Haste the Day are a metal band. They produce riffage and screaming. So when they cover (and improve) pop songs, it's got to be worth a listen, right?

And here's the original, for your delectation.


I shall post some other things at another time. Thanks for bearing with me.

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