Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Praying Parrot


Steve said...

I love you baby Jesus...brilliant

Kathleen said...

Hello There,
I see you Have posted a stolen Video From Godtube.
The Person Who Stole it from Me, Placed It On Godtube.
Since Then, I Have Had This Video Removed Based On Us Copyright Laws.
I dont feel you have Done anything wrong yet or meant any harm
. I am writing you To demand the Removal of The Godtube Video Off Your Blog and Respectively Post the Correct Links that belong to me, Kathleen Chute
It would also be nice to Make a Blog post on the theft ,showing outrage in solidarity to my terrible infringements.

This is My amazing Bird,
You have to see this, Please If There was ever a Video To Forward, This One would Be It

CharlieO The Praying Parrot -Now I Lay me Down to Sleep


http://www.youtube.com/user/runwiththewild Please subscribe, Thank You

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Kathleen Chute