Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Real World

Various people come into the church to use it from time to time, hiring it for various events and so on. Every week, a nice man called Phil uses one of the smaller rooms to tutor Maths and English. He came into the office today to ask me about something, and as etiquette dictates, asked me how I was.

I made the crucial mistake of answering honestly, saying that I wasn't too bad, but the jump from university to the real world was something of a big one.

He paused, looked around the office, and said:
Well, this isn't exactly the real world, is it?
Well, Mr. Phil, nice as you may be, you're oh-so-wrong, as well. This week the church and myself have gone through various things; Remembrance Day, a funeral, loneliness, baptism visits, a dear old lady having a fall, prayer, tears, and a whole host of other incredibly real things.

What I do is very real, and the God I serve is even more so. I hope that, someday, you see that too.


fromthesamesky said...


Michael Davies said...

Well said dude!
By the way - what is your job and description right now?

David said...

Mike, I work as a Lay Assistant for an Anglican church in North London. It's almost an internship - just getting me experience of church and so forth. Interesting experiences, to say the least.