Saturday, 31 October 2009


I have grown up thinking that Christians shouldn't get involved in Hallowe'en. It's evil, it's bad, it's a slippery slope towards the occult.

I'm not so sure I believe the above any longer. Hear me out; I still think it's stupid to dress up as ghosts and ghouls, or witches and wizards. But then, I also think the same thing of Christmas, and people dressing up as elves, or whatever irrelevant Christmas imagery they choose to wear.

But to say that people dressing up and having a good time (a subjective concept, but who am I to judge?) leads towards occult practices is a little obscure. People dressing up as Father Christmas do not move towards a Catholic spirituality circa the 4th century, and hope for sainthood after death.

However, the above is flippant and could be argued back and forth. The biggest frustration is the proof-texting and bad hermeneutic used by Christians particularly in this country: arguing that those who associate with witchcraft are clearly condemned in the Bible, and as such, we should have nothing to do with Hallowe'en.

In response to that:
a) Yes, the Bible does say that, and I agree that witchcraft and the occult are in opposition to the Bible. However, one cannot use that verse, or verses to dismiss the occult, and yet still ignore the whole pork/shellfish/nylon laws which we happily go against.
b) Hallowe'en, for the most part, is not about the occult. Just as those using Christmas as a holiday to celebrate with their family are not on a slippery slope towards Christianity, Hallowe'en is just another holiday to the majority. An excuse to dress up silly and, again, 'have a good time'.

I suppose what I'm really trying to say is that we should indeed be careful. But let's not presuppose that dressing up as a zombie, or whatever other tenuous link has been made to the 'holiday', means that it's inherently evil.

And as a Mouse I know said: whatever you do at this time of year - make it fun.


Amy said...

This Halloween Eve was spent around a friend's house having a Singalonga Bugsy Malone night. I can confirm that I neither feel the need to enter a gangland turf war, nor to induce a splurge fight when things don't go my way.

David said...

And for that, I'm incredibly grateful. Were you take upon yourself a Chicago gangster character, I imagine you would strike fear into a great deal of people.

Michael Davies said...

I think I agree with Rob Bell when he states that everything is true, belongs to God. I think there's a good deal of truth to be found in Halloween, but most people treat it completely irreverently and don't see the truth in it.

Gilmour said...

I think the world would be a better place if nobody dressed up as witches, wizards, or the Coca Cola Man.

David said...

Wise words, it must be said.