Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Odds and Ends

Last night, I was at the gathering signalling the departure of Dave Hallissy from these shores to go and learn to fly. It was an odd experience. Partly because I got to see a large proportion of those lovely people that I studied with over the last three years. I had seen some of them only a month ago. I hadn't seen some of them for three months. It was brilliant to see everyone, catch up, answer the infuriatingly obvious 'how's work?' question, and take some photos, the fruits of which I will soon post here and Facebook.

But knowing that this is the beginning of something new, where one by one, people will no longer be around the suburbs of north-west London, easily within reach. We're all heading off in different directions. It's wonderful, 'cause God's in it, and they're going to do some amazing things. But they shall be missed, terribly.

The other odd element of it was the amount of referencing of my blog in conversations. You guys actually read this thing. Perhaps only when I shove it in your face, but you do. Weirdos. Well, this one is for you, for Hallissy, for us all as we slowly go our separate ways. Please know you're loved, appreciated and missed.


Had a 'phone call from the vicar this afternoon, asking I could come round to look at Outlook Express. I was a bit reticent, but I dutifully toddled round to see if it was anything I could fix. I had sort of assumed that he had done all he could to try and rectify it himself. I got there, and we soon discovered the computer was in Safe Mode.

I asked if he had rebooted it. He said no, and asked if he should. I suggested it might be a good idea.

The moral of this story? Well, there isn't one. But, to my utmost surprise, I have actually found a male of the species who doesn't just turn it off, and turn it back on again to fix it.

Weird. Who does(n't do) that?!

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Jacques said...

Interesing? I wonder how many stereo typical views actually are today still stereo typical views? It would be a fascinating exercise to determine how many stereo typical views are indeed stereo typical....? BTW, yes people actually read your blog, and you should be surprised.... :)