Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A lovely young lady came into the building today to see the hall for a potential hire. I however, was in the toilet when she came in. I heard the door, hurriedly washed my hands and intercepted her in the corridor. We'd had a conversation yesterday, and so our meeting in person went something like this:
"Hello, I'm Gemma. You must be David. Lovely to meet you."

She sticks out a hand, which I decline to shake, with the words

"I won't shake your hand, I've just been to the toilet."
An entirely true fact, but what if she thought I hadn't bothered to wash my hands? What if she thought I'm just a lazy, germ-laden animal? Will she have thought that I was actually doing her a courtesy, in not introducing the slightly soggy handshake to a burgeoning relationship, or that I was in fact just a very rude young man?

Have I, in fact, overthought this?

So many questions, so little time.


Tim Goodall. said...

This very thing happened to me quite recently. I went along the route of, "Sorry for the slightly damp handshake, I've just been to the loo."

Again, could be interpreted wrongly.

Friday still on?

DT said...

This has made me smile for the very simple reason that I too would overthink this and probably end up blogging about said thing!

Thank you bro!

Elizabeth said...
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