Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Christmas, weather and stealing. No, really.

Today is the 25th of November, realised through the mundanity of writing a cheque, so Christmas is a month away. I'm guessing a whole host of people will get excited by this, possibly female, possibly teenage, possibly shouldn't care as much as they do.


Monday was St. Clement's day, according to the church calendar, but contrary to our custom, we didn't read anything about him in our morning prayers. We realised this on Tuesday morning, just after we had been discussing how bad the weather was on Monday. Quick as Usain Bolt on performance enhancing drugs in a fast moving vehicle, I quipped:
"Must have been because it was so inclement yesterday..."
Yeah, I was proud of it. I don't mind you being ashamed.


Yesterday, in what was like Christmas come early, I managed to pilfer various books - I say pilfer, I mean, 'got given' - that I intend to read and review. However, I am very aware that I said I'd read and review The Secret Message of Jesus, and I've hardly had a chance to read it. So, when I have some time, you might get some intellecktual stuff.

Oo, er.

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