Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sunday Morning


char48 said...

Hello David,

for some reason, when I read this article (and the passage from Vonnegut it stems from), it made me think of your blog and the sort of things you post on. Hope you're having a lovely day, char48

char48 said...

and I'm thick - here's the link - sorry!

Kayleigh ☮ said...

I like this for some reason.. is it meant to be taking the mickey out of church on sunday or was it to make the church-going masses check themselves and change the mold?? lol
p.s. wheres the follow button to 'ahem' follow your blog??

David said...

Kayleigh! Thanks for dropping by!

I think it was probably both purposes, as it applies to many things. It's funny, though!

And errr... there's a follow button somewhere. I just don't rightly know where. I'll find out and get back to you.