Monday, 7 March 2011

The Good Shirt Shop PART 1

I came across The Good Shirt Shop via an advert on Facebook, claiming to be the number one choice for Christian t-shirts in the UK. So, ever a sucker for popular culture, I decided to take a look. Here are some of my picks of the bunch, and not all for good reasons.

1. I liked this. It made me smile. And I could think of plenty of Christians who would wear it. Also, it uses Cooper Black, which is a good font. I approve.

2. What does this even mean?! That you and the Almighty are Skyping? Or maybe - as he's an old-fashioned chap - you're rocking it up on MSN. Perhaps you're even watching the same TV programme at the same time, and sharing all the latest celebrity goss? I suppose you could be MMORPGing together. God's character is pretty much definitely a troll. Fact.

3. Again, what?! LIFE for him? This makes no sense. 'Live' I could perhaps deal with, if it wasn't on a t-shirt, and thus making demands of everyone who reads it. Any ideas?

4. This almost feels like evidence in a murder trial: "Can you point out a person in this court room who would wear this abomination?" Cross: great. Colours: nice. Together? On a t-shirt? I'm alright, ta.

5. I liked this idea, and, at the risk of laughter from certain quarters of my friends, the font. I'm not, however, entirely sure about the slightly condescending tone of the extra tagline.

"Hey you, look at me. I'm reborn, recycled, all new. Look, look! Look at me. And you're... oh. Well, that's a shame. Tell you what, be like me, wear slightly tacky t-shirts, and your future looks peachy."

I think I'll pause there, because there is so much comedy gold within the website, and come back to it another time. If you know of any cringe-worthy Christian t-shirts (yes, my dear Americans, I'm particularly looking at you!) send them my way and I'll stick them up in the next post.

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reallifehonestydialogue said...

The last one is more Buddhist/ Hindu than Christian in that it suggests multiple re-births ad infinitum. A little bit of karma and reincarnation anyone? Don't waste your life, it will come back to haunt you.