Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Good Shirt Shop PART II

1. This is a new shirt, especially made for Christian Groping Week. The design on this t-shirt is right in the middle of the chest, so I suppose it suggests that there is an acceptable type of groping that avoids either breast. Also potential for suggesting that covering your hand in paint, holding a small cross in your palm and touching someone inappropriately is fine, in t-shirt form.

2. Chris Tomlin has now branched out into t-shirts, clearly. I'm not sure why he'd use The Matrix font either.

I'm not even sure why you'd want this in a t-shirt. This is a creed I believe in. However, parading it on your chest, looking like a Stryper album cover, is not something that appeals.

3. This is a cool t-shirt. It's got funky Lights Alive writing, and references MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This. I would buy this t-shirt from a normal shop, if I ever bought anything from normal shops.

My problem: why is this a Christian shirt?! I mean, I know, you can read spiritual warfare and angels and protection and being safe with God. Yet I wonder how you go from Athanasian Creed for the above t-shirt, to subtle hints at a Cosmic Protection Racket?!

4. Now, I see what you've done here. You've taken the name of a section of the Bible, and the logo that The Beatles used, and the amalgamated the two. However, I would like to point that you can't wear this item of clothing (ostensibly a hoodie, but those two lines could be dribble) without having the word 'tit' printed on it. Apt, really.

5. This is actually quite well thought-out. And considering the second formula is actually pure ethanol, it's no wonder that the wedding guests thought he'd saved the best till last. Nothing like 100% proof to end a Jewish wedding.

(Again, the lines of dribble must be noted. Although, I suppose if you were drinking pure ethanol, all manner of bodily functions may happen without your say so.)

Alright, I'm done. I found all these at The Good Shirt Shop, a place where perusal brings about many giggles.

If you could make one bad Christian t-shirt, what would it be?

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