Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I am home from my travels, and if you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I love flying into London when it's raining. It's so homely. Just imagine how amplified that feeling is when it's snowing. YES COLD WEATHER FRONT.


Let's play 'Spot The Geographical Fail.'


Went out to a restaurant with the wonderful people I was staying with in Mumbai. It was described as a restaurant and lounge. To my mind, this conjures up images of soft jazz music piped into my ears and warm lighting in which to easily survey my surroundings.

Apparently not.

The music was heavy dance music played by a DJ, and the lighting was almost nonexistent. It was like someone had been into a nightclub and thought, 'You know what would be a really good idea? To eat in an atmosphere like this, so I can't hear the people I'm with, nor can I see the food in front of me. Yes, marvellous. I think I'll do that.'

It's saving grace was that, as a restaurant, it was awesome. The food, despite not being able to see it, was really good. In fact, perhaps that was why it was really good...


Nickname unavailable said...

Stansted being in Kent? Why yes, there is a Stansted in Kent, as well as in Essex. No, the crew don’t navigate by the airmap, don’t worry.

The Kent version is a little hamlet just SE of Brands Hatch. Why that hamlet is highlighted to all of British Airways customers, we have no idea. There are plenty of other more interesting places in the surounding area, like 'Snodland' or 'Pratt's Bottom' or even the LOTR sounding 'Underriver' - but the encampment of Stansted, Kent it is, probably just to make people go 'eh?'

Welcome home baby bro!

Phil said...

Welcome home! Hope the calamities don't follow you too closely - bad luck on the restaurant experience