Saturday, 2 January 2010

The BBC & mosquitos

Because both are powerful, right? Right.


Thus far, I count 35 mosquito bites. And, as usual, I haven't seen a single mosquito actually land on me and bite me. Which is frustrating. Here is some of the damage:

It looks like my foot has been plugged into the Matrix.


Irish Atheists, which sounds like an oxymoron, but clearly isn't, are campaigning against the blasphemy law that kicked off from the 1st of January, with a selection of 25 quotes from a variety of people (including Jesus) claiming that they would be in contradiction to the new law. It was obviously a popular website, in that I couldn't get on it for a while - the article on the BBC did a Stephen Fry to the servers. Anyway, good for them - and having read them, I agree with the sentiment: atheists and religious people should neither be exempt nor singled out - every single person is deserving of the right to say what they will, within reason.

Having said that, I'm not sure what reason is. Er... discuss?


Will Clark said...

I have been reliably informed that Soframycin cream worked when Carol was last out there. Might be worth giving it a go, it's supposedly very cheap.

David said...

Thanks - I get bitten, and I ignore them, aside from to take photos of them.


Suddenly Fourty said...

Religion is an idea (or framework of ideas) and therefore should also be subject to free inquiry like any other.

Trouble is Chrisitans, for example, defer to a body of scripture that is not open to peer review and therefore unchallengeable in principle.