Saturday, 16 January 2010

The power of advertising...

Isn't it interesting that the popular thing to do in Western culture is to give yourself a 'healthy tan', by going on holiday, applying fake tan, going to a tanning booth, when in India, the popular thing to do is make yourself as 'fair' as possible, using 'whiteness cream' and avoiding the sun, as 'one hour in the sun can ruin your fairness for up to 8 weeks'?

And isn't it odd how the unhealthy thing in British food is calories, yet the unhealthy thing in American food is carbohydrates?

And how strange is it that certain animals - horses, dogs, etc. - are perfectly normal animals to eat in some cultures, but not in Britain?

Culture and advertising, eh? I don't really have a point to make - just that we live in a rather odd world.


All above observations are just that, observations, from my time spent in other countries. They may not be the over-riding feeling of the culture, maybe just the places I stayed, and I'm aware of this, so please don't deride me too much.

Also, if there are any other cultural anomalies you've spotted, feel free to add to the conversation.


Scott Miles said...

The western ideal of feminine 'beauty' is stick-thin.

Other cultures prefer curves, as it is a sign of health, and that the woman is well provided for.

*EK* said...

:D yeah...still remember the "WHAAAAT, are you serious" look on your face when you saw that add! :D
p.s. you've inspired me to start 'blogging' again :)thanks! x

RH said...

I forgot to let you know- that the obsession with being fair comes from when the British invaded India and we were brainwashed into thinking that their white skin made them superior. After a few international events, India realised that that idea was wrong, and strove for independence. Some idiots however, realised that there could be a commercial aspect exploited, and that they could market fairness creams. :)
(I feel smart for my age.)