Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Just taken advantage of this wonderful little toy, and I'm now aware who is reading my blog, and where from. As such, I feel obligated to blog, because I know have the awareness of people actually reading this little corner of the internet.


I'm in the finals for the Christian Blog Awards, which amuses me, for my lack of Christian output. But I'll take the compliment, and I shan't get my hopes up too much, so as not to be disappointed when I don't win. And I promise if I do win, I won't get above my station. Which is quite hard considering how low down the pecking order I am in the general state of things.


Secondly, an interesting phenomenon occurred: I regretted not going to the evening meeting, because of what I might have missed. If I was there, I would probably simply be analytical about the whole affair. But as I wasn't, it became the most interesting thing that I didn't do. Instead, Bekah (the greatest ever), Scott and I sat outside our tent discussing Soul Survivor/LST/pranks played over the last few years. Good to be community, how briefly, however negative, however cold. It was the greatest, yes it was! Tampon galore!!!*

*I would like the take the opportunity to mention that Bekah commandeered my computer ever so briefly to write the slightly bizarre comments above. I take no responsibility for any distress caused, I have merely left the information in for realistic purposes.


fromthesamesky said...

I SO want to know more about the tampon prank. Oh yes.

David said...

There have been many variations, but it normally involves a few certain girls placing tampons over the entirety of Aldis while all the guys were out. Under pillows, in drawers, on desks.

The variation that I was a victim of while living in college was a tampon in my pint of water, left trustingly upon my desk.